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Artwork Awareness
our mission

To become the most profitable finance company in Brunei through transparency and exercising due diligence in all our financing activities.

Translations of our corporate mission:

  • We want to make profit, but only through transparent and honest accounting policies;
  • Our abilities to meet our profitability target depend on us exercising our due diligence in all our financing activities and growing our topline revenues) whilst controlling costs;
  • We will never let profit conflicts get in the way of doing what is right for our shareholders and our customers;

To attract high quality customer base through delivery of superior quality of Islamic Financial Services.

Translations of our corporate vision:

  • We give our customer a good, fair deal. Great customer relationship takes time. We do not try to maximise short - term profits at the expense of building those enduring relationships,
  • We will always work hard to make it easier for our customers to deal with us;
  • We are dedicated to the highest level of customer services and build relationship with our customers in a way that is mutually beneficial to us and to you in real term;
  • We deliver our promises and live up to our customer ‘s expectations;
  • We will be honest in our daily dealings with our customers and tell the truth as we see it whilst protecting customer’s confidentiality;
  • We will help customers make distinctive, lasting and substantial improvements in their quality of life whilst constantly build a great relationship that attracts and retain high quality customers.

Culture of honesty, integrity and expedition in all our staff and ensuring the highest degree of responsible corporate governance in the Management System.

Translations of our corporate values

  • We practice the highest standard of integrity, we tell the truth and we keep our word;
  • We take responsibiliy for past actions, admit mistakes, and fix them. We know the laws of our country, industry and company - both in letter and in spirit - and we abide them;
  • We play to win the right way, by our values;
  • We always speak the truth, both verbal and non - verbal and in intention;
  • We are comfortable in our own skin and look at the hard truth and are comfortable with it and we tackle problems head - on.